Arrival to London: The much anticipated flight

Three suitcases, three carry-ons and one overstuffed golf travel bag for three of us for 6 months!…I’m proud of us. New Year’s resolution: live minimally. My husband, son and I boarded our flight and in only 6 hours on a red-eye flight, we arrived in London.

Heathrow Airport
Man yawning behind us. Coffee in my hand. It was an early arrival.

We had a driver take us to Grantchester. It was a beautiful drive between the city and our new small town. The rural areas outside the city toward Cambridge are very similar to New Jersey’s countryside, but it’s so GREEN here. Hedgerows and poplar trees artfully frame the territories between farms. Now and then we’d pass a cluster of houses most often made of stone or brick and looking like an illustration from one of Beatrice Potter’s books.

Grantchester is a small town with 4 restaurants and one bed and breakfast, (right next to us) and the famous Orchard Tea Room frequented by Virginia Woolf. I’ll continue to post pictures of the town as we explore it. We will be living in a house facing Grantchester Meadows, which includes a popular trail along the river to Cambridge. It’s really lovely here. I’m looking forward to meeting our neighbors.


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  1. Cathleen McDonnell says:

    Hey Angie! The place looks wonderful, how lucky you are. What a great setting.

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