London Bridges!


IMG_0292 Teighan and I spent Wednesday exploring the grounds around the Tower of London and the Tower Bridge. We were blown away by the grandeur of this bridge! The Thames was busy with tour boats and an enormous battleship…which explains the expression on Teighan’s face.  The rich history of this city in contrast to the modern tourists and residents is profoundly interesting. Our visit was just a tease and we can’t wait to have more time to explore this amazing city!

IMG_0319When the sun poked itself out from the clouds my son asked if we could sit and sketch the bridge. Not sure anything excites me more than my boy wanting to sit and record his surroundings with a drawing. Yay! The time I’ve spent sketching in my journal as I travel has always been my favorite time spent abroad. My six year old gets me. We sat for about a half an hour taking in the sites with the keen eye that I found only writing and drawing will encourage.

IMG_0301Panoramic of the waterfront.



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